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Naim Collection

Naim Collection is a brand of streetware and accessories, based on the vision of the creative Naim that, combining desing and music, he’s able to create a new world through which to tell its story.

The creative born in Italy, has mixed origins, Arab and Italian/American.

The fusion of these cultures has created a strong personality that is able to fully express itself through its art.

Naim is inspired by its origins, the art and culture of the countries from which it descends to express its vision and tell its story.

The brand adopts a no gender policy, the website, does not have a man/woman section, we want to break down this division and create a place where everyone can feel accepted and we want to encourage people to love and live fully themselves.

The details in Naim Collection are everything, every symbol, every rhetorical figure present in the graphics has a meaning that will be revealed gradually during the musical path of the creative.

Our intent is to bring top quality products so as to ensure an exceptional product that can have long life in respect of the environment.